Friday, February 11, 2011

Farinata Bread at Café Piccolo in Seattle

My parents took us out to Café Piccolo for dinner so we could give their Farinata, bread made with chickpea or garbanzo bean flour, a try. It's always nice to find a restaurant where our non-intolerant, the dairy intolerant and gluten and egg intolerant family members can go out and eat together. They were super accommodating and their Farinata was good. I must say that my Dad's version is the best though!
What I liked was that they poured the Farinata mixture into a cookie sheet and baked it so it was flat and cut it into squares the size of sliced bread. They also use baking powder and baking soda. The more you use, the cakier texture the bread will have. The less you use, the more cracker, crust-like the texture will be. Little D, my gluten sensitive son, ordered the gluten free fettichini alfredo. It was "real" alfredo sauce (he can have cow milk, my daughter and I can't). The funny part was he said the he likes his Mimi's (grandmas) version better. She makes it with tofu, Parmesan, garlic and a few other things. The bummer is that he's off soy for right now.

Here's a sample of their gluten free options from their menu:

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